Picture Reference (jpgs.):

We mainly need to see close-ups of the broken parts of your book, but please keep in mind that pictures of the different parts and angles of your book would give us more precise insights of the unseen issues of your book.

Examples of e-mail estimate inquiry photo reference:

E-mail Inquiry Guidance:
Please copy/paste the following onto the e-mail and give us the answers to these inquiries.

1) Size of the book

2) Condition of paper
(Torn? Crumbled? Moldy? Appears to be in shape, but shatters at touch? Acidified like an old newspaper?)

3) Sewing
(Unbroken? Loose but still connected? Falling apart only at the beginning and end? Broken in a few sections of the book block? Mostly/completely broken down?)

4) Hinges
(Perfectly in tact? Completely Separated? Connected but fragile? Broken at top and bottom?)

5) Edges & Corners
(Mostly in good shape? Worn out? Require reconstruction?)

6) Original spine
(Perfectly present? Worn out on the top & bottom? Torn & crumbled? Missing parts? Deteriorated completely? Missing all together?)

7) Condition of the cover material(s)
(Leather – Dry? Dusty? Comes off at touch? Cloth – Still has a body? Thinned out? Frayed badly? Discolored in sections?)

8) Describe what you’d like to see after the restoration is done and/or special instructions.
(i.e., All the original materials must be preserved, or you’d like the book to be simply functional, etc.)