Dalliance (Art Prints/Posters)

Subtitled: Pen & Ink Reproduction of Master Eroticist, Marquis Von Bayros, circa 1910

The Marquis Von Bayros is perhaps the Western World’s foremost Erotic Artist. A friend of the Marquis once spoke of him as even “thinking in Rococco!”.

This reproduction has been executed by Joel Radcliffe and published by Rothschild-Berlin in 1989. This print casts a genuine spell of the erotic sentiment. Of all the “erotic” art being offered on contemporary markets, this print is unique and suitable for framing

Dalliance is offered in two versions, both measuring 23″ x 35″ & printed via offset. The poster version is printed on a white production parchment paper stock. A fine art limited edition print, signed and numbered, is the second version, printed on a laid paper, Frankfurt White, made in Germany – now out of print.

Poster: $15
Limited Edition: $40OUT OF PRINT