The God of Socrates

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The God of Socrates
By Apuleius

As the final release from Heptangle Books, this work has been printed by handset letterpress and is a limited edition of 1000 copies. Originally published in 1993.

The classical author of The Golden Asse, Lucius Apuleius, here delivers a tract of serious philosophy. This work puts forth the view of the nature of the Daemon prior the Judaeo-Christian corruption of that character to Demon. Herein is analysis of genius and Socrates represents the model. “You may call this daemon in our tongue, according to interpretation, a Genius, I know not whether rightly, but certainly at my peril; because this God (or daemon), who in the mind of everyone, though it is immortal, nevertheless, it is after a certain manner generated with man; so that those prayers by which implore the Genius, and which we employ when we embrace the knees genua of those whom we supplicate, appear to me to testify our connexion and union …”

ISBN: 0-935214-12-7. 55 pgs., 5” x 7”. Handset letterpress.
TERMS: Available in Trade Cloth Edition, hand-sewn on linen tapes, gray book cloth binding with jacket. $35