Bible Restoration

Bibles tell stories… No, we aren’t talking about the accompanied tales of the Christian teachings, but the quiet stories of its owner’s intimate spiritual journey and unspoken history. You are one of the fortunate few if your Family Bible, from your early ancestors, still exists, but more fortunate if your late family member’s personal Bible is in your possession. Let’s not neglect them. They want to tell stories, stories that must be taught to the future generations.

We help all Bibles in distress, whether it’s a gorgeously gold gilted enormous Holy Bible, or a small humble personal prayer book. Bring it in, and we’ll give it a new life.

Family Record Reproduction
One of the very unique services we offer is a reproduction of the Family Records pages, for those who want to keep the family tradition of keeping the genealogy information alongside your ancestors. We scan and digitally clean up the original record pages to make blank new ones, and print and insert them in your Bible. We can also scan the original Family Records to a CD, so that it can be reproduced and shared with all your family members. Please inquire for more details.

Please see ourĀ Genealogy & Family History page to see how those beautiful record pages can be reborn.